HomeSurfing for international NGOs and communities

The Hometrotters (THT) is a technology startup in leisure / tourism industry. It features a free hospitality exchange web service for international NGOs and communities and facilitates the process by providing access to free accommodation and networking.

For our Spanish Speaking friends:
The Hometrotters (THT) es una nueva empresa tecnológica de ocio / turismo. Ofrece un servicio de hospitalidad mediante la opción de compartir alojamiento en tus viajes. El servicio web está enfocado a Asociaciones, ONGs y Comunidades y facilita el proceso de búsqueda de alojamiento gratis, vuelos de bajo coste e información de eventos locales.


About theHometrotters Trottie
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3 Responses to HomeSurfing for international NGOs and communities

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  2. Tien says:

    Dear THT owners,

    How can I join yours if I own a travel agent in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

  3. Hi, Tien! To participate as a traveler or networker just fill it out:

    To participate as a partner somehow, you should contact us on


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