Discovering New Ways to Save Money While Housing Yourself on Vacation

I am always looking for new ways to save money while traveling, as I am sure the rest of you are as well. This past weekend a friend and I took a trip to Paris. We saved a lot of money flying through cheap airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet. The most costly thing while traveling is almost always where we are going to stay. I have tried multiple websites for cheap hotels, hostels, and renting rooms out of people’s homes or apartments. This past weekend my friend and I rented a room in the home of three Parisians. The decision to do so was great. We were able to make new friends who gave us ideas of where to go in the city (touristy and not) and how to save money while doing so. We were told all of the short-cuts of how to get to certain main attractions and what their personal opinions were of what we needed to see, eat, or do.

Eiffel Tower Photo: Ana Baquera

Eiffel Tower Photo: Ana Baquera

The first morning we decided to explore the city, our new Parisian friends were up and ready to tell us where to go. They shared an application on their smartphone with us that shows the fastest routes of how to reach all of our destinations and the quickest order to do so. They gave us all of the names (in French) of the most popular monuments in Paris. Without their help it would have probably taken a couple of extra days to see all of these but instead we ended up knocking out in one.

My entire Paris trip was incredible, but everything is so costly in France. I wish I was able to save more money in other places like my apartment rental so I had more to spend elsewhere. I was determined to find a place to stay that was close to nothing once I returned home. I found out about this new website called The Hometrotters that I am ecstatic to try for my next trip. It is a home exchange that is FREE. If anyone else wants to check it out they have a website. It is I hope this was helpful!

Article was sent to us by Yvette Rangel.

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