New Year’s Celebration in Madrid, Spain

A very well-known tradition in Spain is the New Year’s Eve countdown. People gather in Plaza del Sol or Plaza Mayor and celebrate the countdown to the New Year. People arrive with twelve grapes, each symbolizing a wish or good luck. There is a spokesperson in charge of using an instrument to alert everyone that the countdown is going to begin. Once the countdown starts, you have twelve rings of the bell and during each ring you are to eat a grape. By the end of the countdown midnight will have struck and it is the New Year. By twelve-o-clock you should have finished all of your grapes in order to succeed in obtaining the most amount of luck for the year to come. After the New Year has hit, people continue their nights by going to a big club or party to keep the celebration going. It is common to be out until seven or eight in the morning on New Year’s Day. After the night has come to a close, people move to a local café and enjoy a traditional churros and chocolate breakfast before they get some rest. After a quick nap, the remainder of the day is dedicated towards sharing your time with relatives who have gathered for this holiday.

People travel from all over the world to Madrid to be a part of this big celebration. The streets in the main plazas fill with people who all want to be a part of this tradition. The most beneficial part of traveling the world is discovering and experiencing new cultures and traditions. Through travel you get an insight of what this world has to offer and how different things are done in other places. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page (St. Augustine).”

This article was sent to us by Yvette Rangel

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