Sometimes I Wonder How I Can Save Even MORE Money When Traveling

This past weekend my friends and I took a trip to Krakow, Poland. It is definitely my favorite country so far while traveling throughout Europe. The food was great, the area was beautiful, and it was extremely easy to get around. Traveling has got to be my favorite past time but the hardest thing is the cost. There are so many cheap airlines and places to eat or to visit but where to stay is always the question. Poland is reasonably cheap and my friends and I stayed in a hotel. Out of everything we spent money on, the hotel was the most expensive. At first we thought it was a great idea until the hotel we stayed at had horrible service, overcharged us for the room, the ATM ate my friend’s bank card, and the taxi to and from town cost a fortune.

My favorite thing to do while traveling is asking the locals where they suggest I go. It seems to me that it is always the best way to encounter new places to see, food to eat, and things to do from the local perspective and not always be a tourist in new places. This time at the hotel we asked the front desk where they suggest we went. They handed us a tour guide book and told us to flip through it. It was definitely not my ideal way to figure out where we should explore.

Another thing I love doing when in a new city is meeting people. There is nothing better than having friends you can reconnect with all over the world if ever you decide to return for another visit. When staying in a hotel it prevents you from seeing the inside of someone’s home or lifestyle. My friends and I have been on the hunt ever since we have returned from Krakow for places to stay while traveling that are extremely cheap and allow us to stay with locals. We stumbled across a website called where you can sign up to do home exchanges and stay with locals in the cities you are traveling to for free. We are definitely going to try this the next time we decide to travel. If you have the same issues with finding cheap places to stay, you should definitely check it out too.

This article was sent to us by Yvette Rangel

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