The Benefits of Seeing the World

There are many benefits to seeing what this world has to offer. Much emphasis has been focused on this topic and more and more encouragement has been established for doing so. Many programs in the United States have dedicated themselves to promoting study abroad in foreign countries. Although very much is offered, still less than one percent of students in American universities actually study abroad. You may stop to ask yourself why such a low percentage. There are many different attributions in regards to this low percentage, some of which consist of tuition and housing costs abroad, the fear of culture shock and illiteracy in the country of interest, or perhaps the idea of study abroad has never been emphasized to a point where interest in the topic may take place.

Although all of these attributes are valid explanations as to why such few students study abroad, the topic of exploring a new country still arises. Every part of the world a person may travel, even just a city over from where they are situated, allows them to experience a new vibe as to what this district or lifestyle has to offer. This continues my emphasis for students and people of all ages to continue traveling and seeing what this world has to offer. By traveling, the more accepting you become to new people and situations you may otherwise experience when experiencing a new culture. Although the costs of travel may seem like they take a huge toll on you, there are many other ways to make it work.

Throughout Europe the idea of couch surfing has started to spread. Couch surfing is where you stay at someone´s house free of charge. There are many travel websites that offer cheap flights and as long as you stay in-tuned with all of the daily deals you can find flights for extremely cheap all over the world. Very many people have adopted the idea of couch surfing to encourage others to travel for cheap. A new website I have encountered is The Hometrotters. The Hometrotters is a travel website that allows you to couch surf in another person’s home free of charge in return of allowing another “hometrotter” stay with you at some point. This idea of traveling at a low cost and staying somewhere for free is definitely ideal for people trying to explore the world via travel.

This article was sent to us by Yvette Rangel

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