What Are Some Cheap Ideas To Travel Amongst The States?

Traveling within the United States is not nearly as common as it is in Europe. All over Europe there are cheap options for traveling via train, bus, airplane, or metro. If you want to travel amongst different countries it is extremely easy to find flights that cost less than fifty dollars round trip! If you are from America or have traveled within the states you would know that traveling is not cheap. To travel amongst different states, even those really close to you are hundreds of dollars. This makes the idea of travel difficult to obtain unless you save money far in advance. In comparison to most parts of Europe and other parts of the world, the US does not rely as much on public transportation as many other places. America has very few metro stations, entirely focused in largely populated cities, therefore, once again making traveling within the states much more expensive because you have to rely on rented cars or taxis to get you anywhere.

Aside from cheap airlines and well-designed public transportation offered in many countries in Europe, many people traveling have resorted to a new idea; couch surfing. Couch surfing is trying to expand to the states so traveling there is a lot cheaper. There is a new idea of couch surfing that is more like a home exchange called The Hometrotters. The Hometrotters offers free stay in someone else´s home all over the world in exchange for housing others in your home when they choose to visit your city. I have a bunch of friends who have mentioned this form of couch surfing and how I should give it a try. I think I´m going to check it out.

This article was sent to us by Yvette Rangel

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