Weddings in Northern Spain


The weddings in northern Spain are very extravagant and coincide with a major part of Spanish traditions. The wedding is long and typically goes for an entire weekend. Many friends and family come together to celebrate the new marriage and participate in a weekend filled with events to honor the new husband and wife.

The marriage ceremony typically takes place in the morning. After the marriage, the family and friends of the new married couple have breakfast at the home of the bride. The day carries on with dancing and collaboration of family members and friends. Lunch is then served and the party continues. Pictures with the bride and groom take place and later in the evening, around nine, dinner is served. Following dinner is coffee and drinks and more dancing. The Spanish celebrate all night long until the morning. Their weddings consist of a lot of food, good company, and non-stop fun for the night.

It is so intriguing to discover the traditions of different cultures while traveling. I have learned first-hand so much about the Spanish culture while living in Madrid. It is always best when making friends with people from the cities or countries you are traveling to and asking how things are done in their culture. I have traveled to many other countries while being in Europe and from personal experience it is always best to make friends with locals. The locals can give you an insight of where to travel to; places and monuments to see, foods to try, and a taste of what the culture and people have to offer. Traveling the world also allows you to open your mind to new scenarios and people. Not everybody does things the same way around the world. When you travel you allow yourself to be a foreigner and take in all of the culture as you see it. There will be things you do not understand or particularly are not fond of, and that is completely normal, but it is nice to see what the world has to offer. “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign (Robert Louis Stevenson).”

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