The Spanish Lifestyle

While being in Spain I have noticed quite a bit of things from both the local and tourist points of view. The first thing that jumped out at me most was the way people interact with one-another. People stand a lot closer and talk much closer to your face than many other countries, especially in comparison to what I am used to from living in the United States. It is very common for people to go out together and sit for coffee or a meal for many hours. This is one big difference from the states. In America people go out to dinner to spend time together but after their meal they move on to the next thing to do or place to go. It is very rare to sit at a table for hours at a time just to socialize. The American lifestyle versus that of Spain is much more rapidly paced and people are constantly multi-tasking to get things done. In Spain there is a lot of time taken just to sit and enjoy yourself.

There are siestas which are a city-wide practice taken place after lunch where all of the shops close and people go home for a nap. Daily routines of many Spanish people consist of work or school until one or two in the afternoon. Around this time is lunch and lasts for about two hours. After lunch it is siesta time until around five in the evening where people return to school or work until around eight-thirty or nine at night. Dinner is usually served around nine-thirty or ten-o-clock and lasts a couple of hours. After dinner some people may enjoy a drink or a coffee and soon after go to sleep and wake up the next day to do it again. Saturdays and Sundays are a time for leisure and families go out and walk around the city. Sundays most places are closed which allows people to spend quality time in their homes.

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