Learning Experiences

Before my study abroad experience in Europe I had never left the United States to travel. This entire experience has allowed me to open my eyes to seeing the world in an entirely new perspective. You never realize how much this world has to offer until you see things from an outsider view.

While in America I felt extremely comfortable with my surroundings and lifestyle. I was set in an everyday routine where I practiced the same daily rituals and never even thought of doing things differently. When I left the states to come to Spain I started seeing how things were done differently. At first it was overwhelming and intimidating. Not knowing where to go, how to interact, what the social norms were or even knowing the language was terrifying. As the days went by I started becoming more accustomed to how things are done here. This goes towards travel as well. So far I have been to four countries in three months but hope to reach twenty-five by the end of my experience. Each country I have visited has left a little piece with me. I can tell already how much I have grown from this entire experience and know I have a lot more growing to still do.

Some ways that I have changed as a person is being more accepting of how things are done in different cultures. In the United States I feel like we are constantly practicing the same things and when they change we get uncomfortable. Being here has allowed me to learn to deal with change and alter the way I get things done. Spain is a lot slower paced than the states so I have learned to slow my life down and enjoy dinner with friends without constantly having to be on the go.

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