3 Tips for a Better Travel Experience

Love travelling? Not alone out here. Here are the three THT tips for a better travelling experience…

Swim with the fish

That fancy hotel out there can make you feel like at home but if you wanted to feel like at home, there is no point going away from home at first place. Think of that – you want to feel different for at least a few days before you go back at home and the everyday life sucks your blood drop by drop again. Are we on the same page here? One way to swim with the fish is actually live with the fish. Contact local people and arrange yourself a stay for a night or two. See how they live, what they do, where they go. It’s not a secret that every touristic city features one touristic look and one local look. The local feeling is much for interesting – the other you can see online.

Find the club monkeys

Make the best of your stay by feeling the night life of a place. What place you are going to end up at is really up to your taste – a fancy bar or a “nearly demolished” club, they will both leave a good stamp in your travel passport. Club socializing is a great way to informally get to know the people and people, my friends, are often nothing less than the main “sight” on the “must-visit” map. Chat and flirt, have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, feel the spirit. “You may forget what you’ve seen but you will remember what you felt.”

Remember to remember

Looking at a credit card statement after a trip is a funny (sometimes terribly funny) experience. The expenditure on gifts for your friends, family, ex, future, plan B, C… ops sorry, often end up with a significant ratio towards your actual travel costs. Familiar? Then you remember that magnet that you got for yourself. Still familiar? The secret here is to invest in memories. Don’t go shopping with a goal but go shopping and let the goal find you. Make pictures, collect postcards, some folks even collect sand, stones and stuff like that (crazy huh?) but let there be some memory behind everything you get for yourself or somebody else. Here is the filter: “Would I remember a story if I see this 10 years from now?” If the answer is no, pass forward. Some of the best gifts I have got are some small things from travelers like me.

Merry Trotting! 🙂


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